Linehaul Road

Linehaul Capabilities

As a leading, fully accredited regional carrier, Greenfreight offers a network that spans the Eastern Seaboard operating a fleet of HML 36 pallet B-doubles and 88 pallet hi-cube vehicles.

Our linehaul fleet comprises
  • Over 110 prime movers of mainly Kenworth big cab K200’s with an average fleet age of 3.5 years
  • Over 260 items of trailing equipment
  • 90% of our fleet is B-double configuration, with majority running Higher Mass Limits (HML)
  • In-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) supporting the management of performance, driver fatigue and emissions control

Hi-Cube Freight

Greenfreight has two types of hi-cube trailers and operates on Performance Based Standards (PBS) allowing for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our Hi-Cube Equipment

Our hi-cube trailing equipment comprises straight decks and double drop mezzanine floors with a carrying capacity of 36 to 100 pallets or 128 to 184 cubic metres.

This equipment is well suited to the transportation of insulation, FMCG, plastics and other light weight goods and to customers requiring FTL (full truck load) freight services direct door to door.


Greenfreight is highly experienced in the cartage of dry powdered product and we understand its unique shipping complexities.

We routinely handle bulk commodities such as flour, starch and other powdered goods in our fleet of pressurised, pneumatic tipping tankers carting food grade as well as industrial products. We are HACCP certified so we transport your consumables to the highest Australian standards.


Tonnes of Bulk Each Year

Our trailing equipment also includes liquid camel belly tankers (for carting resin) and walking floors (for wood chip, saw dust and other waste products) providing the capability and efficiency of round-tripping.

Full Truck Load (FTL) Linehaul

Greenfreight operates daily road services focusing on the Eastern Seaboard and Adelaide, utilising a large fleet of single and B-double configured vehicles.

Other services we offer from our linehaul division
  • Storage and inventory management
  • Warehousing and order pick & pack
  • 3PL and X-docking capability for palletised and packaged product
  • Freight transport to Western Australia and the Northern Territory by arrangement

Less Than Load (LTL)

Less than load services are provided through CDM Logistics.

Greenfreight’s network is extended by our partnership and shareholding in Combined Distribution Management (CDM).

Under the CDM banner, the consortium provides logistics and warehousing services across Australia’s capital city locations and regional centres, enabling us to provide a road transport service with a national reach for less than full load.